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Message to Students

Information to Students

1. The information about the academic activity on the campus is shared with to the students through circulars and notices. Information about the schedules for payment of tuition fee, examination fee, dates of examinations, submission of scholarship applications, Training & Placement activities, co-curricular and extracurricular activities, holidays, etc., is communicated to the students through circulars and notices. Students are advised to inculcate the habit of looking into the college notice boards every working day so that they will not miss any opportunity.
Students are expected to comply with all the circulars especially with regard to due dates specified therein.
2. Besides academics, quite a few co-curricular and extracurricular activities go on throughout the year on the campus. ISTE Students Chapter, Institution of Engineers Chapter for every branch of engineering, Centre for Awareness and Discussions, Viveknanda Study Circle – the service organization , Bhuvana Vijayam – the literary and cultural association, organize programmes throughout the year. There are excellent facilities for sports and games. Students are invited to take active part in these activities.
3. There are excellent information channels for the students to interact with the faculty and administration. Every class has a Class Committee consisting of a Class Teacher and Student Members. The Class Committee conducts meetings at regular intervals in which they discuss various issues like syllabus coverage, difficulty in following any subject, any difficulties in the class room or on the campus. Besides this each class has a Class Representative. The Class Representatives Meetings are conducted at regular intervals and are attended by all the CRs and the Heads of Department and are chaired by the Principal, in which Principal informs the CRs about important activities on the campus. CRs can represent the difficulties/problems of their class in these meetings.
4. For the benefit of students quite a few Guest Lectures, Seminars, Workshops, Student Paper Contests, Cultural Fests and Sports Tournaments are conducted on the campus. Students can benefit immensely by taking part in these activities.

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