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Computer Science & Information Technology

Computer Science (CS) is a discipline that involves the design and development of computing systems applications and their effective deployment and use. It ranges from theoretical studies of algorithms to practical problems of system implementation involving both software and hardware. The breadth of computer science is all encompassing. It is an interdisciplinary field with roots in mathematics and engineering and applications in many diverse areas. Programming is but one aspect of computer science. Computer scientists work to solve multifaceted problems. Some may be solving problems with engineers or managers in design and implementation projects, while others may be involved in research and development of systems for science and medicine. Computer Science provides an excellent training in problem solving and logical thinking, which are important skills for employment and research. The department offers Diploma and Degree programs in computer science and evolving interdisciplinary programs like telecommunication, bioinformatics and computing and business.

Information Technology (IT) is a broad-based course that provides you with the technical expertise and skills required to plan, design, construct and maintain telecommunications networks, equipment and facilities. This course emphasizes an in-depth understanding of the technologies that underpin the Internet, local and global broadband digital networking, and mobile communication systems that are required for tomorrow’s broadband-interactive information highways. You will gain comprehensive engineering theory as well as hands-on practical skills and real-life projects to undertake professional work, or use the course as a pathway into research or further learning.
The Department of Information and Technology (IT) offers the following programs:
Bachelor of Science in Information and Technology (IT), B.Sc. in IT
Diploma in Information and Technology (IT), Diploma in IT

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