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Core Values:

The core values of a school are mainstay values of the school peculiar to the running of the school. They form an integral part of the school culture which in turn creates a sense of identity, belonging, direction, and purpose. Our school therefore is founded on Islamic core values. These are:

  • Integrity & Fairness: As an Academic institution of Higher Learning, our mandate lay on the human cordial relationship, striving to be an excellent College that all stakeholders can be proud of by emulating the moral and ethical values.
  • Passion We are passionate about formal education that transforms students into professionals compounded with spiritual teachings and nourishment enhancement as human beings.
  • Respect: We respect all individuals irrespective of race, creed, or religious subscription. We emphasize on everyone’s value contribution, ensuring that all humans are dignified and treated with utmost equality and equity.
  • Excellence: The College Management is committed to academic excellence in the contribution of fruitful education for both Local and Diasporas through hard work, objectivity, innovation, and resilience.
  • Teamwork & Diligence: Unity is strength, the Board of Directors strategically has perfected and put into perspective through recognition of each other’s contribution regardless of the one’s enormity as long as there’s support in each other’s weakness and strengthen, loyalty, and both individual and collective accountability with openness and honesty geared to derive satisfaction of educationalist and students‘ needs hence achieve common goals.
  • Accountability & Honesty: The College’s tremendous growth solely relies on communal participation that will to be held accountable and respond positively towards its societal growth in the education sector.
  • Attentiveness: In the spirit of community development from diverse perspective geared to enhance socioeconomic and political responsibility.


To provide excellent academic instruction by facilitating relevant programs and impart professional skills to our students.


Empowering graduates through interventions that open up opportunities for entrepreneurship, fulfilling their academic expectations and enhance professionalism in a diverse market that is inclusive for all.


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