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City College of Technology and Science (CITYCOT)

CITYCOT College Established in May 29 2012 as a branch of University of Bosaso in 2012 and early in 2016 becomes affiliated to University of Bosaso (UOB).
The college is going to serve the educational needs of Bosaso, Puntland, Somalia.
Bosaso is one of the state’s fastest growing cities; the city enjoys a diversified economic base. It needs skilled and professional workers that could improve the condition of the city and whole country, and meet the challenges of a changing world. So we recognized the answer is CIYCOT College.

CITYCOT is the first college of its kind in Puntland State of Somalia offering vocational training to provide employment opportunities to meet the educational needs of the local community.

Improving women’s skills
Improving women’s skills and education will promote the live standard of Somali people.
Because many families count on women to care for them and provide basic requirements for survival, CITYCOT college offers to teach girls basic technology and other vocational training and encourage them to have skills. Another way we decided to empower women is by teaching improved preventive health care, hygiene practices, food preparation and increasing women’s efficiency in home production.

Professional skills

City College Of Technology and Training Center is going to offer variety of courses in the fields of Technology and other vocational training with a vision to become the best technology center in East Africa.

We are going to create an opportunity to train in and explore new areas of professional skills and knowledge.

We aim at offering our students with a heightened intellectual and cultural sensitivity through professional, ethical and technological expertise in their chosen profession.

CITYCOT highlights personalized education, and uncommon training opportunities in Somalia, with tangible achievement hitherto despite being a small and relatively newly established institution. The College is now serving more than 300 students and number  is increasing dramatically  .

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